Redefining Automotive Finishing Excellence at SEMA 2023

Sep 27, 2023 | Blog Post | 0 comments

The SEMA Show, a renowned gathering for automotive enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators, will captivate the industry once again in 2023. Among the countless exhibitors and cutting-edge products, one company stands out—ApolloSpray, celebrating its 10th appearance at SEMA with a game-changing innovation: the Maxi-Miser® HVLP Turbo Spray System. This revolutionary system will reshape the landscape of automotive finishing as we know it, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, precision, and power. Notably, the Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray® booth (#34159) doesn’t just showcase their groundbreaking technology; it offers a comprehensive experience that includes live pinstriping demonstrations by the renowned artist Brandon McCoy, commonly known as “Gooch Customs.” ApolloSpray® is also unveiling a refreshed brand identity that reflects their commitment to innovation. Furthermore, ApolloSpray® will offer special show prices exclusively to SEMA attendees, making it an event that no automotive enthusiast or professional should miss.

Introducing Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray®

Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray® is undoubtedly the showstopper at SEMA 2023. This remarkable innovation encapsulates the very essence of innovation, precision, and power, all meticulously crafted. This leads to enhanced efficiency and craftsmanship in the field of automotive finishing.

The Power of HVLP Turbo Spray Systems

The key to Maxi-Miser’s extraordinary capabilities lies in its implementation of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology, a pivotal advancement in the automotive finishing industry. HVLP technology], known for its high transfer efficiency, minimal overspray, and precise application, is taken to new heights with the turbo spray system approach adopted by Maxi-Miser®.

Unveiling the Precision-6 PRO System

But that’s not all! What sets Maxi-Miser apart is the incorporation of the Precision-6 PRO turbo spray system system—a technological innovation that brings more power and better atomization to the table, making it ideal for thick viscosity primers and clearcoats. This system represents a substantial leap forward in achieving superior results in automotive finishing.

Advanced Features of Maxi-Miser

Maxi-Miser® builds in a plethora of advanced features that cater to the needs of both professionals and automotive enthusiasts alike.

No Air Compressor Needed

This technology ensures that no external air compressor is needed. Eliminate dirty air with Maxi-Miser turbo spray systems. 100% duty cycle, delivering clean, warm, and dry air constantly.

Precision Control

Maxi-Miser offers precise pressure control to accurately control fan size and fluid volume, allowing users to tailor their applications to the unique requirements of each project and the paint being used.


Its compact design enhances portability, making Maxi-Miser an ideal choice for professionals who need to work on-site or in various locations. Maxi-Miser turbo spray systems are also made for working in a spray booth.


Apollo Sprayers commitment to quality shines through in the durability of Maxi-Miser®, built to withstand the demanding nature of the automotive finishing industry. Products manufactured in the USA.

Witness Maxi-Miser’s Power

While it’s one thing to read about Maxi-Miser’s capabilities, experiencing it in action is an entirely different realm. SEMA 2023 attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to witness live demonstrations of this cutting-edge technology. Observe how Maxi-Miser® can transform your finishing process, delivering exceptional results with unmatched efficiency.

Pinstriping by Brandon McCoy “Gooch Customs”

While Maxi-Miser® takes the spotlight, ApolloSpray® has an additional surprises in store for SEMA attendees. World-renowned pinstripe artist, Brandon McCoy, known by his artistic persona “Gooch Customs,” will be joining the Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray® team at SEMA 2023. His talent for pinstriping has earned him global recognition, and his intricate designs are nothing short of inspiring.

Gooch’s Exceptional Artistry

Gooch’s pinstriping artistry is a testament to passion and precision, values that align perfectly with Apollo Sprayers commitment to excellence. His work seamlessly marries creativity with technical expertise, resulting in custom pieces of art that look great on the surfaces of automobiles and various objects. At SEMA 2023, attendees will have the privilege of witnessing Gooch at work, creating stunning pinstripe designs that not only showcase the capabilities of Maxi-Miser® but also inspire enthusiasts and professionals to explore the limitless potential of automotive finishing.

Explore Gooch’s Latest Creations

In addition to live demonstrations, Gooch will also be showcasing his latest creations at the Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray® booth. These projects serve as a testament to the boundless possibilities for artists and finishers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, Gooch’s work will undoubtedly ignite your creative spirit and inspire you to push the boundaries of pinstriping and finishing.

New Brand Identity: Reflecting Apollo Sprayers Commitment to Innovation

As if Maxi-Miser® and Gooch’s presence weren’t enough to make SEMA 2023 unforgettable, this event will also mark the unveiling of ApolloSpray® refreshed brand identity. This new branding serves as a visual representation of the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive finishing industry.


To warp it up, SEMA 2023 promises to be an event of a lifetime, and the Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray® booth is front and center on the action. With its brand new HVLP Turbo Spray System, live pinstriping by the legendary Gooch Customs, the unveiling of a refreshed brand identity, and special show prices, there’s no better place to be for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. Join us at booth #34159 and experience the future of automotive finishing with Maxi-Miser® by ApolloSpray®. Witness innovation, precision, and power come together to redefine the industry. This is an event you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendars for SEMA 2023 (October 31 – November 4, 2023)!

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