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Apollo’s MAXI-MISER Comes to the Goodguys 18th Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals

(Photo courtesy of, "Weekend Rewind! Sensational 2017 Sendoff in Scottsdale!") MAXI-MISER IS COMING TO DEL MAR! The Goodguys 18th Meguiar's Del Mar Nationals opens up Friday, April 6th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and runs until April 8th. Spectators can expect over 2,500 hot rods, customs, classics, muscles, and trucks through 1987. Live [...]

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How Maxi-Miser’s Transfer Efficiency Can Save You Money

By Bill Boxer      Paint can be a huge cost for paint shops. Understanding the transfer efficiency of your machine can not only save the environment, but will also save you money. The Maxi-Miser® painting system boasts an 80+% transfer efficiency rate, so techs use a lot less paint (saving about 40% over conventional [...]

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By Greg Williams What is viscosity, how does it affect coatings application, and what do the metrics mean to you? First, viscosity is a measurement of resistance to flow. At room temperature, honey is a fairly viscous material.  It will flow, slowly, in response to the force of gravity.  When removed from the refrigerator, it [...]

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