By Bill Boxer

     Paint can be a huge cost for paint shops. Understanding the transfer efficiency of your machine can not only save the environment, but will also save you money. The Maxi-Miser® painting system boasts an 80+% transfer efficiency rate, so techs use a lot less paint (saving about 40% over conventional compressed air spray guns). “How does that work,” you ask? Let’s find out.

     The greater the amount of coating that remains on the substrate (in this case 80+% of the coating released from the gun) means less coating is needed to achieve the needed thickness. Using less coating means saving about 40% on material.

      An 80+% transfer efficiency rate also means less over-spray. The air in the booth/shop stays cleaner and reduces the technician’s over-spray clean-up time. Removing over-spray may also require dangerous chemical solvents and tedious time consumption.

      There are several ways to specifically measure transfer efficiency. Here is a simple explanation: Weigh a substrate sample and the coating (separately) before spraying. Weigh both again after spraying. Finally, weigh the substrate again after it cures. Under precise conditions, the results are measured using a standard algorithm.

     HVLP Turbo Technology is the alternative to compressed air. Maxi-Miser® does not use an air compressor. HVLP Turbo Technology does not produce any oil or water contamination.

     Experience a better way to spray. Maxi-Mise your profits and paint savings today!