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Benefits of Apollo HVLP Turbo Spray Systems

Huge Paint Savings

Documented 38% paint savings when compared to compressed air spray guns

Clean, Dry Air

No storage tank to create condensation, even eliminates ambient humidity. No inline filters needed

Plug and Spray

Ready to use in minutes! Simply plug into any 120v power source and you’re ready to spray

Best Transfer Efficiency

Documented over 80% transfer efficiency. Eliminates bounce back and minimizes overspray


Can be used in the shop or on site with a generator

No Paint Booth Needed

Spray anywhere, in your garage or in a parking lot. Minimal to no overspray

IMPORTANT: No air compressor is involved or needed with an Apollo Spray self-contained HVLP electric painting system.
This is an independent standalone system.

Comparing HVLP Turbo Spray Systems to Compressed Air

Which has the clear advantage?

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Competitive Advantage

80+% Transfer Efficiency

38+% Paint Savings

No Compressor Required

Reduced Overspray

Lower Equipment Cost

Less Clean-up

More Control

HVLP Turbo Spray

Compressed Air

Made in the USA

50+ Years of Experience

Family Owned & Operated

Unmatched Customer Service

What is an Apollo HVLP Turbo Spray System?

Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems are complete spray finishing systems consisting of these three components.


A High-Speed Industrial Motor With Digital Pressure Control

32′ (9.75 meter) Apollo-Flex™ Air Hose

Air Hose

HVLP Turbine Spray Gun

Spray Gun

Ready for an Apollo HVLP Turbo Spray System?

Click on the systems below for more information, or to purchase.


Precision-5 PRO LE Auto Complete System

Maxi-miser 3000 PRO

Designed for collision repair and completes

Precision-5 PRO LE Auto Complete System

Maxi-miser PrECISION-5 – Auto

Designed for spot repair and mobile painting

Power-5 VS Complete System

Maxi-miser Power-5 VS – Auto

Designed for spot repair and mobile painting

We Are


Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. was founded with a singular mission, to provide the perfect finish. Since 1966 we have led the field in highly innovative low overspray HVLP products for our automotive, industrial, woodworking and sunless spray tanning clients. We are family owned and operated, manufacturing our products in the USA. Utilizing our unparalleled technology and expert knowledge to deliver quality HVLP systems to our customers.


The Ultimate


Spray System

Discover the systems that do it all. From small spot repair to completes, Maxi-Miser turbo spray systems allow for easy portability and very little overspray for the perfect finish. All Maxi-Miser spray systems are 100% duty cycle, delivering constant warm, clean, dry air, eliminating all water and oil contamination. Systems are equipped with several patented features to prolong the motor life and deliver the perfect finish.

Customer Reviews

Travis Diemer

Source: Google

“I recently switched to an Apollo turbine for my mobile refinishing business. I am extremely pleased with the results the Apollo unit gives me! It is very well built, allows me to spray many different types of coatings all out of the same unit, and material consumption is much lower due to the high transfer efficiency.

I had an issue with my unit shortly after I got it, and the customer service here is probably the best I have ever experienced. They got me the parts I needed quickly, and have been very helpful in the learning process of how to effectively use the unit and spray guns!

Highly recommend this company and it’s products!”

CJ Arroyo

Source: Google

“I recently upgraded to the newly designed 7700 series gun, with the larger cup assembly.
I’ve been a mobile automotive painter since 1999, and this is by far the best clear coat gun I’ve ever used. It’s easy to clean, the fan width and trigger controls are easy to adjust. The finish is amazing, definitely body shop quality.
I really have appreciated the knowledgeable staff and their patience with all my questions. I will recommend this gun to anyone wanting to do quality auto refinishing.”

Lyle Johnson

Source: Google

I purchased the Apollo precision 5 turbine and gravity feed paint gun last April. I immediately put it to use, I painted a complete hurst olds and a 65 corvette for a couple of friends. The paint system works incredible, when I painted there was very little overspray in the garage. It’s amazing how little paint is used when using this system. I’m new to this turbine painting, so I had a few questions pop up while using it. I called Apollo, talked to Sally and she answered all of my questions ( she really knows what she’s talking about) I couldn’t be happier with the Apollo precision 5 paint system and their customer service. 5 stars all around. Lyle

Criss Doss

Source: Facebook

“I bought my precision 5 for Christmas and what an improvement from my old hvlp set up. Great quality and finish in the build of the equipment. Easy to use and customer service couldn’t be better. Can’t wait for the weather to warm back up so I can finish my next project.”

Shane Woods

Source: Facebook

“I was blown away at the vision of this company and the drive to help the next generation learn how to finish. Thank you for building the best machine on the planet!”

Michelle Moorman Rozenbeck

Source: Facebook

“Apollo’s customer service is incredible. I spoke with Sally and within 20 minutes the UPS man was at my door to pick up my unit to be repaired. Thank you. “

As Seen On Networks Hit TV Show Texas Metal

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1030 Joshua Way
Vista, CA 92081
Toll Free: (888) 900-HVLP (4857)

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