Benefits of Using the Maxi-Miser® HVLP Turbo Spray System for Automotive Painting

Sep 29, 2020 | Blog Post

In your auto painting career, odds are that you’ll do much of your work with a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun. This technology offers many advantages over the older high-pressure paint guns that were once common.  Reduced waste, which results in considerable paint savings is the main reason most painters are using HVLP spray guns.  Turbo spray systems like the Maxi-Miser® M3000 achieve even higher savings in paint than do compressed air HVLP spray guns.

Turbo spray systems are the original air source for HVLP spray guns and can offer many more benefits.  One of the biggest benefits of the Maxi-Miser® turbo spray system is that it can get a paint job done with 40% less paint, than even an HVLP gun off compressed air. This is largely because it has less “overspray,” which is a phenomenon in which excess paint collects on and around the surface being sprayed. By eliminating the “bounce back” created by higher Air cap pressures, the Maxi-Miser® system sprays in a way that avoids this kind of accumulation of extra paint on the surface and thus puts that money in your pocket.

Having less overspray means that automotive painting professionals will have to spend less time getting the overspray off of a vehicle or masking and taping in the first place. This process sometimes involves using solvents and specialized tools to remove the excess. This takes time, and requires a good deal of care.  It’s better to avoid the overspray in the first place.

Not only does the Maxi-Miser® do a better job of not spraying excess paint onto the surface of a car, but it also has better “transfer efficiency” or T.E. This term refers to the amount of paint that is sprayed from the gun and then sticks to the surface of the car. Higher-pressure delivery systems will cause paint to bounce back off of a car, whereas Maxi-Miser® HVLP guns eliminate that problem.

The Maxi-Miser® system sprays less paint into the air than high-pressure guns do, which cuts down both on the paint that a mask needs to take care of. Overall, it’s a pretty big advantage for you, and a great reason why you should use the Maxi-Miser® Turbo Spray system. Of course, standard warnings still apply. You should always paint in a well-ventilated area and use a breathing system when using any spray gun.

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